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British Anti-Trump Protesters Chant ‘Nazi Scum’ Throw Milkshake on Trump Supporter

Protests in London against Donald Trump started turning nasty on Tuesday when one of his British supporters was pelted with a milkshake amid heated demonstrations.

LBC reporter Matthew Thompson posted a video on Twitter in which a Trump supporter faced chants of “Nazi scum” during an encounter at Parliament Square. Eventually, the man was hit in the face by a milkshake thrown from someone in the crowd, and that’s when the encounter started really getting physical.

Throwing milkshakes at political figures has become something of a trend in Britain amid several rowdy protests over the last few weeks. Nigel Farage was drenched with a milkshake last month after holding a campaign rally for Brexit, which came after a number of similar incidents where food and drinks were thrown at far-right politicians.

Most recently, the trend came to America on Saturday when Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had a shake thrown at him as he left a town hall event.

Watch above.

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