British MP Apologizes To Piers Morgan For Hacking Slur During Murdoch Hearing

A British member of Parliament, Louise Mensch has apologized to CNN’s Piers Morgan for suggesting–in a Parliamentary hearing featuring James and Rupert Murdoch that was televised live around the world–that Morgan had “boasted” about hacking phones. The comments, which were immediately attacked as false by Morgan–who later demanded an apology–included the claim that Morgan, a former tabloid newspaper editor in the U.K., had been “very open about his personal use of phone hacking.” Mensch now tells the BBC she based her comments on a misreading of Morgan’s memoir, The Insider.

In a dramatic confrontation on CNN following Mensch’s Parliamentary comments, Morgan demanded that she explain her comments, which she refused to repeat or defend, citing “Parliamentary privilege.” That prompted Morgan to suggest that Mensch “show some balls.”

Mensch, meanwhile, is taking a turn at the center of her own scandal, admitting today–under pressure from questions raised by an investigative journalist–that she used drugs in the past, telling The Telegraph “although I do not remember the specific incident, this sounds highly probable.”

Watch the tense exchange between Morgan and Mensch here, from CNN:

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