Brooke Baldwin Defends April Ryan, Others Targeted By Trump: ‘These Women Have Conducted Themselves With the Utmost Respect’

On Friday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin defended the three female White House reporters that President Donald Trump called out as “stupid,” “racist” and “nasty” just this week.

“Three journalists. Three black women. They are Yamiche Alcindor,  April Ryan, and Abby Phillip,” Baldwin said, calling them consummate professional.  “They don’t need me sticking up for them but, still, there is something so wrong with this. It is beyond disturbing. And I’m angry.”

She then played clips of Trump berating the three women.

“Trump loves to punch, but this is something else,” Baldwin said after the clip ended. “This feels personal. Among the multiple reporters this president has insulted this week, three are African-American women. And these are not only fair questions they are asking of him, these are the most important questions about this White House. And it pushes his buttons. And this is where he goes?”

She then added on top of that Trump was talking about respect today.

“These women have conducted themselves with the utmost respect,” Baldwin added. “The person who apparently has none — the president.”

Watch above, via CNN

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