Brooke Baldwin Delivers Emotional Monologue Tearing Into Larry Nassar: ‘It Makes Me Sick’


Judge Rosemarie Aquilina presided over Larry Nassar‘s sentencing hearing today, ripping the disgraced U.S. Olympic doctor for his criminal sexual conduct against 156 victims and slamming him with 40-175 years behind bars.

Nassar’s actions were despicable, with Judge Aquilina telling him that the lengthy sentence means she just signed his “death warrant.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin reflected on the judge’s decision, delivering an emotional monologue against Nassar and what it means that so many people turned a blind eye to his atrocities for decades.

“I am angry today. I am angry that a monster got away with abusing young girls for decades,” she began. “A doctor, a trusted adult, a master conman––Larry Nassar. I’m angry because he got away with it.”

Baldwin went on to praise the gymnasts who stepped forward to accuse Nassar as “national heroes” as she further decried the serial sexual predator and the world that allows monsters like him to thrive.

“Finally this monster is getting the justice he deserved.”

“It makes me sick,” she continued. “So many victims of sexual abuse have to hide their pain when they did absolutely nothing wrong and when victims do come forward and they are criticized, they often are perceived as liars until proven true.”

The CNN anchor ended her remarks with a passionate call to action, urging assault victims to speak out.

“We have to speak. We must not be too nice and keep quiet all of the time. We must be brave.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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