Brooke Baldwin: How Would Hannity React if Obama Told Aides to Break the Law Like Trump With the Wall?

In response to President Donald Trump reportedly telling aides to finish building the border wall regardless of legal obstacles, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin questioned how Fox News host Sean Hannity would react if former President Barack Obama told aides to break the law to achieve one of his policy goals.

“One thing I can’t get over in this era is the glaring hypocrisy,” said Baldwin on CNN’s Newsroom on Wednesday, while discussing a Washington Post report on Trump promising to pardon officials if they are prosecuted for building the border barrier (Trump has since denied it). “If then President Obama actually told aids to take any border land needed, fast track a border wall for construction, and then he would pardon them if they get in trouble which is — let’s just remind everyone against the law and an abuse of power and an abuse of eminent domain.”

She went on to ask her guest, former Fox News veteran Carl Cameron, about how his old network’s top-rated host would respond had Obama done all that: “Fill in the blank for me, Sean Hannity would say?”

“That would be treason and they’d lock up the entire administration,” Cameron replied. “In so far as it’s Trump, he’s going to say go for it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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