Brooke Baldwin: Otto Warmbier’s Parents Blamed Kim Jong Un ‘Unequivocally’ For Son’s Torture and Murder


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin delivered a powerful rebuttal to Donald Trump‘s remarks excusing Kim Jong Un for the torture and murder of Otto Warmbier by playing a 2017 interview with the slain American’s parents.

On Thursday’s edition of CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin, Baldwin played the clip of Trump Trump’s remarks about Kim at a press conference, saying Trump “gave [Kim] a pass, even defending him.”

Baldwin then observed that Trump “takes Kim Jong Un at his word, he sides with Vladimir Putin about Russian involvement in the 2016 election, he believes the Saudi crown prince about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and I was honored to speak with the Warmbier parents just months after his death, and they unequivocally hold one man responsible.”

Baldwin then played clips from a Sept. 27, 2017 interview in which Otto’s father, Fred Warmbier, told Baldwin that “Otto was systematically tortured and intentionally injured by Kim Jong Un, Kim and his regime, and this was no accident.”

Mr. Warmbier also described the injuries his son sustained in wrenching detail, and pointed out that “it’s not like it happened and they shipped him home immediately. It’s a year later. These people are terrorists, Kim and his regime intentionally injured Otto.”

Cindy Warmbier then warned that people should not be fooled by the regime, telling Baldwin that “They show you what they want you to see, so why are we playing into this? Why do we play into this at all any more?”

After playing the interview, Baldwin addressed the Warmbiers directly to camera, saying “Mr. And Mrs. Warmbier I am thinking especially of you today.”

At his press conference Wednesday, Trump claimed a close relationship with the Warmbier family, before going on to say that Kim “felt very badly” about Warmbier’s death, and that “He tells me that he didn’t know about it, and I will take him at his word.”

Watch the clip above, from CNN.

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