Brooke Baldwin Snarks: ‘Have You Ever Seen a Rose Garden Ceremony for a Bill That Passed One Chamber?’

Following today’s very narrow passage of Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plan in the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump delivered a celebratory speech at the White House. With GOP House members in attendance, POTUS expressed a bit of shock that he was actually president while highlighting the relatively short time it to took to get the bill through the House compared to the Affordable Care Act.

Of course, it should be noted this bill still needs to pass the Senate, and perhaps go through the House again before it becomes law. It was within this context that a CNN anchor wanted to know if we’ve ever seen a situation like this before where the president spiked the football over a bill that only moved partially forward.

“Have you ever seen a Rose Garden ceremony for a bill that passed one chamber?” CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asked a panel this afternoon.

“We were talking about that,” CNN political director David Chalian responded. “I can’t think of one.”

He went on to add that he thought it was a smart thing for Trump to do because the White House and Republicans “needed a win so badly,” pointing out that the bill failed in the House six weeks ago and they were able to turn it around and get it passed through the chamber.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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