Brother Of Sports Intern Jessica Ghawi, Shooting Victim, ‘I Don’t Want To Hear The Gunman’s Name’

Greta Van Susteren went to Colorado yesterday to for her special coverage of the movie theater shootings in Aurora. One of the victims was Jessica Ghawi, a sports intern at Fox 31 Denver, who survived a shooting incident last month in Toronto. Last night, Van Susteren spoke to Jessica’s brother Jordan and one of Jessica’s friends, and at the top of the interview she admitted she couldn’t think of the right question to ask them given all they’ve been through.

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Jordan said he just wanted to celebrate Jessica’s life and make sure that people remember the names of those who died and not just the man who killed them.

“I don’t want to hear the gunman’s name. I don’t want this to be another Columbine or Virginia Tech where we can state the name of the shooter but can’t name a single victim. So for me, this is about getting the victims out there, getting their stories told, and I hope that the family members of these other victims can come forward and have their stories told and broadcasted in the media and take this coward off the air.”

Jessica’s friend Peter said he knew her from working at the same radio station in San Antonio, and they ended up touching base in Denver when she was looking to pursue her sports career. He explained that “there’s not a person in the Denver sports media that didn’t just… love Jessica,” and told Van Susteren that the last time he spoke with Jessica, she had plans to set up a charity for the victims of the Colorado wildfires.

Jessica’s brother said that he wants to use this time to remember her life and take solace in the fact that “a coward with a rifle” could never take away their memories of her. Peter said that at her job, Jessica was “clumsy, vivacious, go-go-go,” and “lit up the room” whenever she walked in. Everyone at work thought of her as their “little sister,” he added.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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