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Brothers from C-SPAN Feud Appear on CNN with Mommy

You all remember it from yesterday. The C-SPAN feud between two brothers that was interrupted by a mysterious caller from “down South” who just so happened to be their mother. Well today, brothers¬†Dallas and Brad Woodhouse and their mother Joy Woodhouse sat down with CNN’s Carol Costello to talk more about what happened.

Dallas said he was left speechless by his mother’s call into the show. Asked why they can’t put aside their partisan differences during family gatherings, Brad acknowledged it’s hard for them because they both work in politics and are “polar opposites.” Costello said she empathizes with the two because she and her mother have political differences that make it tough to discuss politics in a family setting.

Dallas and Brad were featured in the documentary “Woodhouse Divided,” which chronicles families that are divided on political lines.

Watch the family banter below, via CNN:

[Image via screengrab]

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