Brown Family Attorneys: Autopsy Shows ‘Officer Should Have Been Arrested’

The Brown family legal team discussed the independent autopsy conducted on Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager who was shot by a Ferguson police officer over one week ago. The attorneys said that the autopsy report was consistent with eyewitness accounts that Brown was attempting to surrender, and that the back-to-front path of the two head shots should have led to the arrest of the officer.

Attorney Daryl Parks said that the two head shots, one of which was considered not survivable, both entered from the top of Brown’s head and exited out the front, one through his forehead and one through his eye.

“It shows a back-to-front for both of those, and it supports what the witnesses said about him trying to surrender to the officer,” Parks said. “His head was in a downward position. Had to be, for what had happened. Those type of facts are clear. And we believe that given those kind of facts, this officer should have been arrested.”

“His mother wanted to aks the question that Dr. Baden nor any of the lawyers could answer: ‘What else do we need to get them to arrest the killer of my child?'” attorney Benjamin Crump said.

Crump also criticized the St. Louis authorities for not releasing information sooner. “It could have been answered on day one if you were really trying to have transparency,” he said.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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