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Bryan Cranston Calls Out Trump In Tony Award Speech: ‘Demagoguery is the Enemy of the People!’

Actor Bryan Cranston was awarded Best Actor at Sunday night’s Tony awards for his portrayal of embattled television network anchor Howard Beale in the Broadway adaptation of the 1976 movie Network. Cranston drew sharp praise from the audience assembled at Radio City Music Hall as he appeared to call out President Donald Trump at the end of his speech.

Cranston is best known for his lead role in Breaking Bad, as well as the more comedic role as the father in Malcolm in the Middle. The role of Howard Beale in the play, however, is thought by many to be timely as the network anchor suffers a very public breakdown amidst various social ills and his producers placing more value on ratings than journalistic truth. Many see the play as a reflection of the current debate about journalistic credibility during the Trump era.

At the end of his two-minute plus speech, Cranston praised press and network journalists around the world who are under attack under their pursuit of the truth, before ending with a familiar phrase to anyone who follows the twitter feed of President Trump.  Cranston said “the media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people. Thank you very much, good night.”

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