Buck Sexton: Not Much Law Enforcement Can Do To Prevent Tragedies Like Florida Shooting

On Wednesday night, former CIA analyst Buck Sexton said that there was very little law enforcement could have done to prevent the massacre that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

When Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream asked him what the police can do regarding individuals who show warning signs that could lead to violent behavior, Sexton responded by saying unless the suspect had broken the law, there’s “not all that much” they can do.

“It’s very difficult to get someone involuntarily committed, for example, to a mental institution, the legal processes are generally byzantine,” Sexton said.

He believed the traits behind the shooter resembled a “commonality” with other mass shooters than a “profile.”

“When you’re talking about these mass school shootings, the individuals are known to those around them as strange, loners, as people who feel bullied, people who feel angry, who express that anger in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable,” Sexton elaborated. “So there are some common traits among these shooters and that was the case in Florida with this individual, but that’s not enough to get a profile together that necessarily allows you to stop an attack like this.”

Sexton added that there are “a lot of people who are loners,” and have “strange social media profiles,” but don’t ever take action.

“If law enforcement does not have legal grounds to detain them or stop them because of a crime, there isn’t all that much that can be done,” Sexton continued. “He was expelled by the school. The school knew about him. He came back to the school and unfortunately that’s why we have this tragedy today.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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