Burnett Grills Trump Campaign Manager: If He’s Angry at Fox, Why’s He on O’Reilly Tonight?

burnettCNN’s Erin Burnett confronted Donald Trump‘s campaign manager tonight on why, if they’re so outraged at Fox News and dropping out of the debate, Trump is on with Bill O’Reilly tonight.

Yes, despite Trump publicly trashing Fox News for responding to him with a sarcastic statement and saying that got him to leave the debate, he is appearing on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

Lewandowski insisted the decision to drop from the debate was about fairness and not necessarily answering tough questions.

Burnett still asked why, then, Trump is appearing on Fox News tonight. Lewandowski insisted they are not “at war with Fox” even though their fight is with the entire network now and not just Kelly.

Burnett kept pressing him on that and also brought up his alleged threat against Kelly. Lewandowski denied he threatened anyone and suggested someone at Fox has a conflict of interest due to some connection to Marco Rubio‘s campaign.

Watch above, via CNN.

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