Bush Ethics Lawyer Calls on Dems to Release Trump’s Taxes: ‘Great Risk’ He’s Financed By Foreign Governments


Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter reacted to reports on Democratic efforts to push President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, calling the returns “of interest not just to Democrats, but to all Americans.”

“There is a great risk that he is receiving a lot of his financing from foreign governments or oligarchs connected to foreign governments,” Painter said on MSNBC Thursday. “We’ve not known for 20 years where the Trump Organization gets its money.”

“So this is not a political issue, this is a question that’s critical to our national security,” he continued, before calling on Democratic Rep. Richard Neal, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, to release Trump’s tax returns.

“The chairman of the committee has to take a look at those tax returns, needs to share them with the Intel committee, with the House and Senate,” he said. “And I believe those returns should be public. Includes not just his personal returns but the corporate returns of the Trump Organization and the various associated entities. That’s where a lot of the money is coming in — we have no idea where it’s coming from.”

Painter — a former chief ethics lawyer in George W. Bush’s White House who has now become a fixture on cable news railing against the current administration — mounted an unsuccessful bid for Senate as a Democrat in Minnesota last year.

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