Bush Tries to Convince Wolf Blitzer That Trump Is ‘Scared of Me’

Bush and Trump CNNBolstered by a new CNN poll that shows him tied for third in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush is going on the war path, taking the fight to Donald Trump on CNN, where he told Wolf Blitzer Wednesday that The Donald was “scared” of Bush. “He doesn’t believe that he can take me on,” Bush said.

Bush accused Trump of being “a great entertainer” but “not a conservative,” whose relentless attacks betrayed a glaring insecurity. Bush continued:

The reason why he attacks me is he’s scared of me. He’s insecure. He doesn’t believe that he can take me on. And while I’m doing worse than him in the polls, the simple fact is, why would he be tearing down someone who’s so low compared to him?

“I don’t think that Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton,” Bush said, echoing the nightmarish ad his campaign released Wednesday, which posits a future where a nominated Trump loses virtually every state to Clinton in the general election.

At a Wednesday rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump called Bush a “low energy person — low energy people don’t get things fixed,” to uproarious laughter. “I think he’s probably an honest guy,” the mogul continued, “but he’s a stiff.”

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