‘But It’s So Juicy!’ Jesse Watters Pushes a Bit of ‘Fake News,’ Gets Mocked By The Five Co-Hosts


Jesse Watters had a bit of fun pushing a story that his own network could not confirm to be factual.

The hosts of The Five began their show Friday night by talking about the Senate Judiciary Committee officially launching a probe into alleged actions former Attorney General Loretta Lynch took in handling the Clinton email investigation.

Dana Perino acknowledged that part of the reason why the Senate has moved forward with their investigation is because of a story that the Washington Post broke that the FBI obtained a document that shows communications between the Department of Justice and the Clinton campaign. However, the FBI concluded that the document was unsubstantiated and was possibly fabricated to confuse investigators.

“But it’s so juicy!” Watters blurted out. “So let’s just tell everybody what it is.”

Before Watters could tell the viewers what the content of this document was, Perino told him that even the Fox D.C. News Bureau’s investigation couldn’t find any evidence to prove any sort of validity.

“Can we actually talk about how juicy it is before we knock it down, Dana?” Watters reacted.

“Let’s do some fake news!” Perino shot back.

Richard Fowler, who was filling in for Juan Williams, gave a disclaimer to viewers that “this is #FakeNews.”

“No, it’s Watters’ World,” Kimberly Guilfoyle joked.

Watters began telling viewers that then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz allegedly sent an email to a George Soros-funded think tank saying that someone within the Clinton campaign told her that Lynch was going to “spike” the Clinton investigation if it got “too heated.”

“And you believe this?” Fowler asked.

“Now, it could be fake news––” Watters responded.

“It is fake news!” Fowler shouted.

“Let’s look into it!” Watters continued. “Maybe that’s why the DNC didn’t turn over their server to the FBI. Maybe they didn’t want that exposed.”

Perino laughed, “If you don’t even believe the Fox News Bureau…”

“I just want the audience to know what the debunked story was,” Watters concluded.

Watch the segment above (the relevant part starts at the 5:50 mark), via Fox News.

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