C-SPAN Getting Hammered With Prank Calls About Mitt Romney’s Penis

C-SPAN is not, typically, a place where one can expect to find the sort of gaffes, fights, and general shenanigans running rampant on other politically-minded networks. But, lately, it has had to contend with a couple of few prank callers (or, perhaps, one caller with multiple personalities) who would rather the channel be a little less serious and a little more zany. Cue slide whistle!

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In the video below, from Monday, a caller poses a serious question regarding Newt Gingrich‘s campaign to former New Hampshire governor Judd Gregg. And then the focus drifted, naturally, to the size of Mitt Romney‘s penis:

Then, on Tuesday, a caller with a rather impressive Yankee accent really, really wanted to know about that same certain appendage belonging to Romney:

Yeah, you heard him right. For the record, the questions went unanswered.

Update: And there’s a third! (Thanks @mcrblg!)

In this clip, a caller from “Florida” wanted to know what C-SPAN was doing to curb these prank calls. Kind of:

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