Cain Scrutiny: Trump Adviser Says White House Stands by Herman Cain ‘At the Moment’


White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow offered qualified support for Donald Trump‘s nomination of Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve board, saying the administration stands behind Cain “at the moment.”

During an interview with The Hill‘s Bob Cusack Thursday, Kudlow was asked about Cain’s embattled nomination, which has renewed interest in the sexual misconduct allegations that were leveled against him during the 2012 presidential campaign.

“We’ve talked to some Republicans who say that Herman Cain cannot get the votes to serve on the Fed board,” Cusack said, and asked Kudlow “Is the administration standing behind Herman Cain?”

Kudlow replied “Yes we are, at the moment.”

“At the moment,” Cusack repeated.

“At the moment, that’s right,” Kudlow said. “He’s in the vetting process is what I’m saying. He’s being looked at by the FBI.”

Cusack noted, and Kudlow confirmed, that Cain’s paperwork has not yet been submitted to the Senate.

“We have to start internally at the White House, that process is going on, and as the president said yesterday he continues to support him,” Kudlow said, adding that “we will see how that turns out, I don’t want to pre-judge it one way or the other.”

It was Kudlow who brought up the allegations against Cain, saying “I know there are things about an allegations and so forth.”

“This town is full of allegations, sometimes there are true, sometimes they’re completely untrue, as we’ve seen,” Kudlow said. “I want to give Herman a decent chance to go through that process.”

“Is the vetting process encompassing the allegations from the four women, could that stop him, internally?” Cusack asked.

“I would just say when the FBI vets, they vet pretty good,” Kudlow said. “Count on it. They vet very well.”

Kudlow also said that Trump “insists” on allowing Cain to go through the process, and that “As of late last night, when we got off Marine One, the president said he stands, continues to stand behind Mr. Cain.”

Watch the clip above, via C-Span.

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