California Dem Rips Trump for Wildfires Tweet: Shows ‘Gross Ignorance’


Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) called out President Donald Trump for his ridiculous tweet about the California wildfires Monday.

“What do you think of the president seemingly ignoring the death, the destruction, and taking a direct swipe at your state, California, a state that clearly obviously didn’t vote for him?” Wolf Blitzer asked Garamendi.

“Wolf, it’s one more display of his ignorance, his gross ignorance,” Garamendi replied. “Water flowing down the rivers out to sea has nothing to do with these fires.”

“If I’m ignorant, that’s a problem. If the president is ignorant, it’s a crisis,” he continued. “And it goes on and on and on. His ignorance not only about water flowing out to the sea but about the maintenance of the forest.”

“We do have a new law in place that will provide better forest management in the future, but the president’s ignorance in this is just astounding. And when he’s ignorant, it’s a crisis for this nation and could very well be a crisis for the world,” Garamendi added.

Trump later tweeted that California’s governor, Jerry Brown, was to blame for the river’s diversion, which still has nothing to do with the fires.

Watch above, via CNN.

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