Camera Catches Intruder Chasing Woman Onto Her Home Roof

A homeless man invaded the house of a Los Angeles woman, forcing her to escape onto her roof as an escape before police arrived on the scene, according to CBS affiliate KCAL-9.

The woman, Melora Rivera, said she was sleeping Wednesday morning when the man, broke into her home. She said she saw him and wanted to avoid confrontation so she escaped out the second story window of her house, where he followed her.

Before exiting onto the roof, Rivera said she was able to grab her phone and call 911.

“It was my biggest fear was that he was going to be forced by the cops to come hide in basically the same place I was hiding,” Rivera said.

A bystander saw what was happening and began taking photos on Twitter, where followers identified the man as Christian Hicks, a well-known homeless man in the area.

Hicks is said to be mentally ill.

Police and the fire department arrived on scene to help Rivera down and arrest Hicks, whose was charged with burglary and has a bail set at $50,000.

Watch via KCAL-9:

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[Photo via KCAL-9/screen grab]

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