Campbell Brown Cheers On Fighting 8pm’ers From Sidelines

brown_8-12While her competitors at 8pmET are embattled in a continued feud in the face of a supposed ‘deal,’ CNN’s Campbell Brown has not weighed in – until last night.

Jumping snarkily into the debate, Brown knocked the “big swinging anchors,” and also the ‘breathless’ coverage.

Here’s how she describes the situation:

Big swinging anchor number one thinks that big swinging anchor number two is the worst person in the world. Big swinging anchor number two is so full of disdain of big swinging anchor number one he won’t even say his name, so he just goes after his boss the CEO of General Electric.

She continued to joke about the mock seriousness. “Don’t laugh people. This is a very important story,” she said. “The New York Times has been covering it breathlessly and those big swinging anchors have ratings a lot bigger than mine.”

Well that’s true – and that couldn’t possibly be a reason for jumping into the ring herself, right?

Here’s the clip:

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