‘Can You at Least Say He Did Something Wrong Here?!’ Kat Timpf Confronts Bolling on Trump Jr.


With the news cycle completely focused on Donald Trump Jr.’s email exchange with Rob Goldstone showing that he arranged a meeting with a Russian attorney last year to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, The Fox News Specialists decided to attack the subject right off the bat this afternoon. And we actually saw some real conflict on this program for once.

With host Eric Bollingwell-known for his pro-Trump stance — taking the opportunity to defend Trump Jr. and pivot to talking about the Clintons’ dealings with Russia and Ukraine, co-hosts Kat Timpf and Eboni Williams pushed back, wondering if he was even able to say Trump Jr. did anything wrong despite the Trump scion’s changing stories and previous denials.

Timpf, by the way, tipped her hand before the show by tweeting out this:

As Bolling continued to deflect, he took the position that there was nothing unethical or illegal with someone meeting with Russians and that people in Washington do it all the time.

“So why deny it?” Williams asked. “I don’t know — they have a lot of business in Russia,” Bolling responded.

Timpf jumped in, bringing up the notion that this was a conflict of interest based on Bolling’s answer, pressing him on whether he thought this was at least a bad decision.

“Can you at least say he did something wrong here?” she asked.

“Donald Trump didn’t even know about it until a couple of days ago,” Bolling stated.

Eventually, Timpf just wanted to get a direct answer from her colleague. When he said no, Timpf seemed beside herself.

“How can you say that? Is this real life? Is this real life?!” Timpf exclaimed. “How can you say he didn’t do anything wrong?”

Bolling went on to say that whenever someone offers opposition research, any candidate’s team is going to take it. The panel would then argue for a few more minutes, with Bolling taking the position that there really is no there there and the Russian investigation is a “colossal waste of time.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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