‘Can You Guarantee He Will Concede?’: Wallace Grills Pence On Trump Accepting Results

wallace-penceeditedTowards the end of their interview Sunday morning, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pressed Republican VP nominee Mike Pence to provide a guarantee that Donald Trump will accept the results on Election Day should he lose.

While Trump has been more quiet about a rigged election in recent days since the polls have tightened, the GOP presidential candidate made waves last month by hedging on whether he’d concede, telling Wallace at the third debate that he’d leave everyone in “suspense.”

Wallace asked Pence straight up today, “If Donald Trump should be the loser, can you guarantee that he will concede to Hillary Clinton and accept the result of the election and the judgment of the American people?”

After Pence said Trump was going to win the election, Wallace pushed further, saying he didn’t want him to duck the answer.

“The campaign has made it clear — a clear outcome, obviously both sides will accept,” Pence responded.

Watch the exchange above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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