Candace Owens Claims on Fox That Antifa Refuses to Shower as Political Statement: ‘They Smell’


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney was gushing on Wednesday when he spoke to Candace Owens about how she and Charlie Kirk were antagonized by Antifa earlier this week.

The Turning Point USA organizer began the conversation by recalling how she and Kirk were “ambushed” at a Philadelphia cafe, and they underestimated how intense things would get. Owens claims the Antifa “look” is unhygienic and strange.

CO: “They have certain symbols, they also have a certain look if you look at the photos. They are not showered, they have very bright colored hair, and they have Antifa symbols.”

SV: “They don’t shower? They don’t bathe?”

CO: “Yeah. It’s a part of them trying saying they have issues of society and part of distancing themselves from what they deem a corrupt society is their appearance, they don’t bathe, they’re not clean…”

SV: “So membership of that group is defined by hair and their smell?”

CO: “If an Antifa member was walking down the street, that’s how we instantly knew who they were. They look the part and they smell the part.”

Varney went all in to portray Owens and Kirk as martyrs — remarking that the conduct of the harassers “amounts to assault in and of itself” even before Kirk had a glass of water thrown at him. Owens remarked that it’s all part of the “discrimination” against conservatism, and she also claimed “there are no black people in Antifa.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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