Candy Crowley Grills David Axelrod On Obama’s ‘Private Sector Is Doing Fine’ Remark


President Obama left David Axelrod with a fairly difficult quote to clear up coming into today’s Sunday news show cycle: “the private sector is doing fine.” On this morning’s State of the Union, host Candy Crowley took Axelrod to take for that statement, asking repeatedly whether Axelrod agreed that the private sector was “fine,” taking a few tries to get an answer.

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“I agree with the President in his press conference on Friday,” Axelrod responded the first time when asked if he agreed that the private sector was doing fine, but referring specifically to the President calling for “urgent steps to accelerate job creation.” After explaining part of the President’s plan for the economy after being asked again whether he thought the private sector was doing fine, Axelrod pivoted to attack the Romney campaign, arguing that, instead of issues, “they’d rather have a debate over an out of context clause that he said.”

“I just want to know whether you and the admin believe the private sector is doing fine,” Crowley asked again, and this time Axelrod went as far as to say “it’s certainly doing better than the public sector” and attacked Mitt Romney for saying “we don’t need any more teachers,” citing that as a more important gaffe. “What planet is he living on where he thinks we can take these kind of hits in our education system and progress as a country?” he asked.

The segment via CNN below:

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