Candy Crowley: Obama Winning on NSA, No One Will End Program That May ‘Stop Next Terrorist’

CNN anchor Candy Crowley was asked to react to President Barack Obama’s defense of the National Security Agency’s domestic communications monitoring programs on Friday. Crowley said that the president is successfully defining the NSA’s monitoring programs because no one is seriously arguing for any major reforms. “Nobody wants to be the person that stops or curtails the program that might stop the next terrorist,” Crowley observed.

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“I think that the problem is, it seems to me, that no one knows really what Edward Snowden has,” Crowley began.

She said that the president would be better served by getting out in front of the NSA scandal and releasing what those programs do rather than respond to each new revelation that comes out week by week.

She added, however, that Obama does not have much pressure on him to preemptively offer reforms for the NSA programs because few lawmakers are advocating for major changes for those domestic information gathering programs.

Nobody, she said, wants to advocate for major reforms to those programs which may prevent the next terror attack.

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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