CNN’s Candy Crowley Presses Joe Biden On His Controversial Rape Comments

On Sunday’s State Of The Union, CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Vice President Joe Biden and pressed him on his comments that tied failing to pass Obama’s jobs bill to an increase in rape and murder. “Is it your intention to say, when you give these speeches that if Republicans don’t pass the president’s jobs bill, they will be responsible for increases in rape and murder?” Crowley questioned, alluding to Human Events reporter Jason Mattera‘s heated exchange with the Vice President. Biden disputed that he was playing politics with his statement.

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“Here’s what my point is,” explained Biden. “It is a fact, ever since I wrote the crime bill twenty years ago, we’ve put to rest the notion that if you have more cops, there’s less crime. When you drastically cut the number of police in cities, which is happening all across America, crime goes up. That is a fact. Now, they either are going to figure out how to help those cities the way we want to help them or some other way, but if they don’t get help, crime is going to continue to go up. it’s that simple. It’s not an ideological point, it’s not a political point, it’s just a physical reality.”

Watch Crowley’s interview with Biden below via CNN:

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