Capitol Safe Space? Jimmy Kimmel Mocks House GOP’s List of Banned Words to Describe Trump


Jimmy Kimmel mocked House Republicans for their effort to turn the halls of Congress into a safe space for President Donald Trump via a list of banned words that they demanded Democrats refrain from using to describe the president during a Judiciary Committee last week.

“As the hearings related to the Russia investigation and obstruction ramp up, Republicans in the house have come up with a list of words they don’t want Democrats to use when describing the president. For real,” Kimmel explained. On this list are everyday words and phrases that would be necessary when asking probing questions and holding Trump accountable, such as “corruption,” “abuse of office,” “fundraising abuses,” and “unethical behavior.” Claiming that the list is about maintaining Congressional decorum and respect of the Office of the Presidency, Republicans have also pushed to ban the words “racist,” “misogynist,” “demagogue,” and “draft dodger” among others.

“Basically, they don’t want them to call him anything he is,” Kimmel joked, before cutting to the office of the (phony) Republican Congressman Bill Fredrick, played by Fred Willard, in charge of the list.

“Dimwhit, ding-dong, dingleberry, dipstick, douche burger, draft dodger,…here we go, dumbass,” the faux-Fredrick began.

“Are all those cards things you don’t want Democrats calling the president?” Kimmel asked.

“No, this is just ‘a’ through ‘f.’ Lot of ‘f’s, Jimmy: failure, fascist, fathead, felon, fire, fool, fraud,” he responded.

“Wait, why fire?” Kimmel interrupted.

“Fire, fire, fire…” Willard’s Congressman repeated as he looked for the right index card. “Oh, fire comma dumpster. It’s also under ‘d.’ I filed it both ways. I started out trying to categorize by category: collusion, corruption, racism, senility, spelling. It got too complicated.”

But isn’t this kind of overprotective word policing an example of a double standard, especially for someone who is the most powerful person in the world and who routinely insults everyone and makes false, baseless claims nearly every day, Kimmel asked.

“This is not about Donald Trump. No, this is about respecting the Office of the Presidency,” Willard’s Congressional lapdog replied. “No president of either party should be called stuff like, well, here: Moronald McDonald. Commander-in-Cheez Wiz, the Great White Dope, the Spraytanic Verses, Putin’s Labradoodle. Mar-a-Lardass. Colostomy Bag with a Twitter Account, Spanky Doodle, Donald Plump, Old Faithful, Human Chernobyl, Good Old Orange Penis.'”

Watch the video above, via ABC.

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