Carl Bernstein: Democrats ‘On Trial’ During Mueller Hearings Too, They Need to Ask the Right Questions


Veteran Washington, D.C. reporter Carl Bernstein argued that Democrats will be “on trial” during former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning, as the journalist who helped break the Watergate scandal suggested lawmakers leading the hearings must ask “the right questions.”

Bernstein made the comments during an appearance on CNN Tuesday night, which he began by calling President Donald Trump “demagogic [and] authoritarian” for suggesting he could use Article II of the Constitution to enact executive powers to avoid issues related to Mueller’s investigation.

“No president of the United States ever has asserted that kind of authority, and it’s exactly why we are having this kind of forum that we’re having tomorrow,” the iconic Washington Post reporter said. “There are underlying devastating facts in the Mueller report that go to the president’s misuse and abuse of authority. His authoritarian actions, words, obstruction.”

After noting that pressure is on “Democrats in particular” to get Mueller to acknowledge “devastating” portions of his team’s 448 page report, Bernstein added, “Democrats are on trial here, they’re on trial in terms of how they conduct this investigation — particularly because so much of the country has followed Trump and has moved on from this.”

“Can that part of the country some of them being reengaged by a responsible fact finding hearing that will bring light in a whole series of events in which the attorney general of the United States and the president of the United States have attempted to bury the light,” he continued.

Bernstein concluded with by noting that the Mueller saga has “happily … [reached the] point of ending the speculation.”

“We’re going find out what’s going to happen, I think we have been right to try and game it out to see what the Republicans doing, what the Democrats are doing… And now we’re going to see what happens. You keep talking about the people of the country. I think all this takes place in the midst of a divided country. A divided people. A cold civil war. It’s been going on. Perhaps ten, 15% of those people in the country may not have made up their minds about Donald Trump.”

Mueller is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning for a three hour hearing, after which he will appear before the House Intel Committee at noon answer a subsequent two hours of questioning.

Watch above, via CNN.

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