Carl Bernstein on How Trump White House is Handling Russia Probe: ‘Train Wreck’


On Tuesday night’s Anderson Cooper 360, veteran journalist Carl Bernstein sat down with Anderson Cooper to discuss former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort‘s newly-filed lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice — which, Manafort alleges, acted outside the law by giving special counsel Robert Mueller broad jurisdiction in his investigation.

Cooper asked Bernstein how he feels this administration is dealing with this legal investigation as new reports come up day after day.

Never one to hold back, the venerable journalist fired back with a scathing critique of the president:

“It is responding as if it is part of a train wreck and is a cause of a train wreck and it doesn’t know what to do — partly because the president of the United States is himself calling the shots here, not listening to legal advice. But the facts are the problem here.”

“It is the facts of the way this president conducts himself that are now mixed up with the response to the Mueller inquiry. That the president in his response to this investigation has shown his instability. And the two things are now wrapped up together. And that’s the train wreck. And that’s the difference between watergate. The essential difference is the response of Republicans. Republicans were the heroes in watergate. They said, ‘This is not about our party. This is about a criminal president of the United States.'”

Watch above via CNN.

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