Carl Bernstein: On Lying, Richard Nixon Was Nothing Compared to Trump

bernsteinCarl Bernstein, one half of the famous Watergate duo, said this morning that Richard Nixon‘s lies were nothing compared to Donald Trump‘s.

Bernstein said on CNN’s Reliable Sources, “Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way that this president-elect does.”

He linked this to a “growing sense of authoritarianism” from Trump and his campaign, but Jeff Lord shot back by bringing up liberal bias in fact-checking and pointing to Hillary Clinton initially blaming Benghazi on a video.

The segment continued with everyone talking about Trump’s tweets, and Kelly McBride said the press should assume there is a strategy behind his tweeting. But Bernstein ended up circling back to the Nixon comparison:

“We now have a president-elect who, in terms of truthfulness––Richard Nixon was nothing, in terms of lying, compared to what we have seen from Donald Trump.”

Lord responded this time by recalling Bill Clinton‘s infamous “I

Watch above, via CNN.

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