Carl Bernstein Says Fox News Has a Responsibility to Call Out Trump Whenever He Lies

Carl Bernstein said on CNN Tonight that Fox News must recognize that they have a duty to call out President Trump whenever he says something demonstrably untrue.

In a discussion with Don Lemon and Brian Stelter, Bernstein went through Trump’s ABC interview where the president doubled down on his claims about massive voter fraud in America. Bernstein stated that this and other dubious claims show that Trump’s Administration is creating a universe of “alternative facts” unbound from the truth.

After reviewing Trump’s complaints about how his meeting with the CIA was covered, the panel’s conversation soon turned onto Fox News, where they talked about recent instances where Trump drew his talking points from the network’s programming. Bernstein noted Fox’s affiliation with right-wing America, but he went on to say the network has a journalistic responsibility to point out Trump whenever he says something provably untrue.

“It’s incumbent on them to call out lies about the President of the United States and his spokespeople. When Fox starts to do that with regularity, it will help restore all of the press to the credibility it deserves.”

Brian Stelter stated his agreement with Bernstein’s point, and he also noted how Trump used his interview with David Muir to slam ABC while telling people to watch Fox.

Watch above, via CNN.

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