Carl Bernstein: ‘Time We Start Calling Out’ Republicans Who Back Trump Publicly But Trash Him Off the Record to Reporters


Carl Bernstein suggested on CNN this morning that it’s time to call out Republicans who are saying different things publicly and privately about President Donald Trump.

As he called out the president for pushing false claims about the election, Bernstein said journalists need to keep pushing back and sharing the truth.

But, he added, “there’s one institution that continues to enable this disinformation disproportionately, and that is the Republican Senate of the United States.”

“Having talked to these senators, members of their staff, the Republicans — perhaps half of the Republican members of the Senate despise and disdain Donald Trump. They were happy to see him lose as long as they could hold onto a Senate majority,” Bernstein continued.

And then he added, “It’s time that we start calling these senators out, perhaps by name, in terms of what they really believe, what they tell us as reporters on background, because they have enabled part of this disinformation campaign, and even some of them are talking about a ‘coup’ that Donald Trump is trying to initiate here.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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