Carl Bernstein: We Should Rethink Approach to WH Briefings, Trump Uses Them to Lie and ‘Manipulate the Press’

Following CNN’s victory over the White House today, CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein said it’s perhaps time for the press to rethink how the briefings are covered.

Bernstein told John Berman on AC360 tonight that President Donald Trump is a “creature of the press” and knows how to manipulate the press well:

“We need to be rethinking how we conduct these briefings and what our response is to the press conferences and briefings when the President of the United States basically uses them as an occasion to lie for agitprop and to manipulate the press. I don’t think we should necessarily be running them verbatim from beginning to end. I think it’s like giving him free airtime during the campaign. I think we need to reevaluate how we engage with the President, not get ourselves manipulated.”

He added that under Trump, the format has ceased to be in service of the truth, so the press needs to find a “new way to do business in this White House.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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