Carl Bernstein: Why Didn’t Alarmed Officials Like Kelly, Bolton Go to Capitol Hill to Warn ‘What the Hell Was Going On’?


Carl Bernstein joined Jake Tapper Tuesday to talk about his new report that former White House officials like John Kelly and John Bolton concluded that President Donald Trump was not only “delusional” but a “danger” to U.S. national security.

He told Tapper that his report and the report about Russian bounties fit together because “in both cases, the sources of both stories have to do with a president of the United States who refuses to be briefed in an intelligent way — in fact refuses to be briefed very often altogether.”

But something that struck him about his report is why none of the officials who were alarmed about the president’s calls said anything:

“All of the people listed in my story, one of whom you named at the beginning, Chief of Staff Kelly, came to the conclusion that the President of the United States — Bolton and others — is unfit to be the President of the United States. Why didn’t these people go to Mitch McConnell? Why didn’t these people go to capitol hill and say we have a national security emergency in which the President of the United States is endangering the national security of the United States, he was unfit to be president, and let those politicians on the Hill know what the hell was going on. They abrogated their duty it seems to me, the more and more we learn, by not bringing to the attention of the American people and the representatives that we have a president unfit.”

You can watch above via CNN.

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