Carl Paladino (And His Baseball Bat) Concede To Andrew Cuomo

“You have not heard the last of Carl Paladino,” the surrealist New York Republican gubernatorial candidate growled to voters. He may have lost by upwards of 25% to Democrat Andrew Cuomo, but his concession speech sounded like anything but tonight as he brandished a traffic-cone-colored baseball bat and advised his opponent to bring the bat to Albany, or “run the risk” that someone would use it against him.

The baseball bat, Paladino explained, was a metaphor for “the people”– a weapon which the government could work constructively with or allow others to use to hurt them. “As the next governor,” Paladino warned Cuomo, somewhat menacingly, “you can grab this handle and bring the people to Albany, or you could leave it untouched and run the risk of something wielding it against you.” An aptly bizarre end to a barely coherent campaign.

It created one of the more cheerful moments of the night on MSNBC, where Keith Olbermann called the speech “wonderful” but chided Paladino for holding a bat so orange “no self-respecting adult of either gender” would be caught with it, while Rachel Maddow tried to understand the logic behind crafting such an image of himself after a loss. Lawrence O’Donnell reminded her that this is the image he created “to respond to the image that he is crazy and maybe violent.”

The end of that speech (and the MSNBC crews reactions) below:

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