Carly Fiorina Turns Question on Hormones into Jab at Clintons

While speaking on the soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, Carly Fiorina spoke about the questions she received early in her campaign regarding whether her hormones would cloud her judgment if she became president. One such discussion was held during her April appearance on Fox & Friends; but today, Fiorina turned that question into what may have been a forceful jab at Bill Clinton.

To general applause, Fiorina asked, “can we think of a single instance where a man’s judgment could have been clouded by his hormones?” She did not mention the Clintons by name, but considering her recent talking points and her well-established distrust of Hillary Clinton, there is a strong possibility that they are the ones to whom she was referring.

You can watch the segment here, courtesy of C-SPAN’s Chloe Palma Sommers:

[image via screengrab]

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