Carson Bizarrely Responds to Waterboarding Argument With a Better Idea: ‘Truth Serum’

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.59.27 PMWhile on-air with CNN’s Poppy Harlow Tuesday afternoon, GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson gave a rather strange┬áresponse when asked about his take on waterboarding, an issue that surfaced at the most recent debate.

Carson, one of the remaining five candidates for the Republican party nomination, told Harlow clearly and deliberately, “I believe there are a number of ways to extract information, including some medical ways of, you know, putting people into a less-than-conscious state which allows information to be extracted much more humanely.”

Harlow pressed, “What do you mean by medical ways?”

“The average person might understand it as truth serum,” replied the Doctor.

With about as confused a face as you imagine, Poppy Harlow braved on, asking the candidate to clarify his official medical response.

Watch, and enjoy, the spectacle above from CNN.
[image via screengrab]

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