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Carson: I Won’t Go After Trump and Feed Media’s Love of Conflict

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.20.12 PMDespite Donald Trump‘s recent comments that questioned Dr. Ben Carson‘s faith and medical credentials, Carson has been saying that he wants to avoid a “gladiator battle” despite previously questioning Trump’s religious sincerity.

During a press conference in Ferguson today, Carson was asked about how he felt about Trump going after the core of his faith, as well as the accusation that he was “heavy into the world of abortion.” Carson decided that he wasn’t interested in playing to the media’s love of conflict and amongst the Republican candidates.

“What I have discovered is that the media loves to stoke up controversy and have people fighting each other like gladiators, and I think that’s exactly the wrong thing to do,” Carson said. “I’ve made it clear that I was not attacking him.”

Carson went on to state that when he was using his faith to differentiate himself from Trump, he did not mean to use that as an attack against him. Carson concluded that Trump took the bait after the media interpreted his statement as such, but he would be doing no such thing.

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