Carter Page Denies Russian Election Interference Following New Report: ‘Not Fully Convinced’


Former Trump adviser Carter Page continues to deny that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, all despite a new report detailing classified intelligence that points to efforts of sabotage.

Page faced a grueling series of questions from Chris Matthews as he fended off the “false allegations” about his ties to Russia. Page has been viewed as a person of interest for Congress’ investigations on Russia, and he was pressed by Matthews tonight about how Vladimir Putin refuted the allegations against him during the Russian president’s interview with Megyn Kelly.

Eventually, while Page was talking about how he’s been a victim of hacking, Matthews asked him if he believes that Russia “hacked into the DNC and the rest of the effort to try to manipulate this election?”

“I’m not fully convinced of that,” Page responded.

Page’s comments come after The Intercept reported on leaked information from the NSA, which describes how Russian intelligence allegedly launched a cyber-campaign to mess with American voting systems shortly before the election’s conclusion. The leaker who released the information has been arrested, and is currently facing serious charges.

During his Monday interview, Page also struck back against the reports about his interactions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Matthews grilled Page about why the meeting was shrouded in such secrecy, and what kinds of topics did they discuss.

After Page defended his foreign dealings, he said that President Trump could improve relations with Putin in order to address the “bigotry and xenophobia against Russians” in America. Matthews kept grilling Page in the meantime, asking him several times, “Why are you hiding?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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