Carter Page Remains Defiant: ‘Bigger Meddling In the Election is What Has Been Done Against Me’


Carter Page is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. The once and former Trump campaign team member has recently become the center of CNN reporting of an FBI was investigation into the alleged coordination/collusion between Russian efforts and the Trump campaign to influence the US election.

In any other world, Mr. Page would be considered a wild success. The former military officer, investment banker and international tradesman has an impressive resume to be sure. But for whatever reason — which lies at the center of the #TrumpRussia story — he has been painted in a most unflattering light by both Trump surrogates and those eager to find proof that there is a “there there” regarding the alleged collusion. (Perhaps he deserves credit for being the one thing on which the two sides can agree!)

Even on last night’s AC360, former Trump campaign member Jason Miller diminished Page’s role to him as an “idiot” in the campaign, which led to an even more damning reference by Anderson Cooper who suggested that Page could be a “useful idiot,” unaware that he was being used by Russian efforts to meddle in the election.

So Page can be forgiven for being in a foul mood. But, when he was asked the very simple question by host Michael Smerconish on whether he is concerned “whether Russians helped elect Donald Trump?” What does Mr. Page care most about? The “steps that were taken to infringe about (his) privacy illegally.” When asked about the specifics of meddling, Page doubled down, claiming that “the bigger meddling in the election is what has been done against me.” To his credit, he refrained from the cliched “fake news.”

Page is no stranger to cable news appearances. When he first started showing up, his appearances were best described as “hemming and hawing,” at worse, “deer in a headlights.” But “defiant” is the word that best describes his latest media appearances. Though one wonders what word best describes his in this story moving forward: patsy, hero, or criminal?

Video above courtesy of CNN.

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