Casey Anthony Attorney Criticizes Precisely What He Did As A Legal Analyst

Soon after the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, on of her lawyers, Cheney Mason , took to the microphones and unleashed a rather fierce diatribe against lawyers who appear on television. He called out the “incompetent talking heads” who discuss cases “they don’t know a damn thing about.” Boy, it sure would be embarrassing to him if he actually did the very same thing before joining Ms. Anthony’s team. Right?

The slow-as-molasses drawl and peppered beard of Mr. Mason makes him seem to be the iconic and gentile southern gentleman lawyer type from a distance, missing only the seersucker suit and straw boater. But there is nothing gentlemanly about his behavior towards the media, perhaps best evidenced by his finger-flipping gesture towards reporters watching he and his team celebrate their trial victory.

The clip below was put together by the team at, and is perhaps the best example why many lawyers who appear on television to discuss cases are nothing more than self-promoting bullsh*t artists. Like Cheney Mason.

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