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Casey Anthony Tells Piers Morgan: ‘I Didn’t Kill My Daughter,’ But I’m ‘Ashamed’ Of Who I Was

On his show Tuesday night, Piers Morgan sat down with Casey Anthony‘s lawyer, Cheney Mason, to discuss the case, as well as the phone conversation Morgan had with Anthony herself. She told Morgan she didn’t kill her daughter, Caylee Anthony, but that she’s “ashamed” of who she was — and is aware of her negative public perception.

Anthony, you’ll recall, faced a very public trial following the death of her daughter. Despite the not guilty verdict, many insist she’s to blame — pointing partly to the perception of her being a young woman more eager to party than parent.

Asked about her current whereabouts, Mason said Anthony’s in a “different kind of prison” now. She can’t go outside (“we fear for her”), so she spends her day in the house. She cooks, cleans, exercises, watches TV. Morgan noted that during their conversation, Anthony seemed very self-aware of her public perception, which she described as “bad, absolutely horrible.”

Mason said she accepts reality, knowing she can’t dwell on those who refute the justice system. Where there are naysayers, there are also those who view her favorably, he said, adding that they receive piles of unsolicited letters from them regularly.

Addressing the matter directly, Anthony told Morgan, “I didn’t kill my daughter…but I’m ashamed of the person that I was.” She’s never been a “party girl,” she said; “I don’t drink now, I’ve probably had a handful of beers since I’ve been on probation.”

She further added, “There’s no one I love more than my daughter…she’s my greatest accomplishment.”

Morgan observed Anthony was cynical in the way she noted there was no difference in the scrutiny she received from tabloids like the National Enquirer versus reputed news organizations.

“I’m not making gazillions of dollars at the hands of other people or trying to sell myself to anyone willing to throw a couple of dollars at me,” she told Morgan. “I don’t give a [expletive] about money.”

Asked about his view of what happened to Anthony’s daughter, Mason said he doesn’t think anyone killed her because that implies the death was intentional, which he doesn’t believe it was.

Have a look, via CNN:

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