Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Squirms As Joy Behar Asks, ‘Would You Let Her Babysit Your Kids?’

When just the right question catches an interview subject off guard–and the cameras are rolling–well, kids, we call that the beauty of television. And it was in full display on Wednesday night’s Joy Behar, when Behar sat down with Casey Anthony lawyer Dorothy Clay Sims. Behar got Sims squirming with a simple yet brilliant question: “would you let Casey babysit your kids? You say she’s innocent.” Strange smile. Long pause. Deflection. “My kids are older.” Behar says “let’s say they were younger, would you leave her with your children?” Even stranger smile. Longer pause. Weirder deflection. “I…I liked Casey Anthony. I came to trust her. And that’s a… that’s a really…” Long pause.

She never exactly answers the question, just says a few times that she “trusts” Casey Anthony. Behar says “well, I guess if you think she’s one hundred percent innocent, you would.” Odd eyeroll from the attorney. Simply put, this is a great moment well worth watching.

Catch it here, from HLN:

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