Catholic Leader to Piers Morgan: Law Should ‘Discriminate Against All Alternative Lifestyles’

On Wednesday’s edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, Catholic League president Bill Donohue offered up a candid take on same-sex marriage, telling host Piers Morgan that he would like to see “the law discriminate against all alternative lifestyles.”

After making the argument that the law already “discriminates” against incestuous couples, Donohue posited that it is therefore not wrong for the government to discriminate against other types of “alternative lifestyles” that deviate from a heterosexual marriage:

The literature is definitive. There is one gold standard, one gold standard for children. That is: there is no substitute for a marriage between a man and a woman. I want the law to discriminate against straight people who live together — I used to call it “shacking up,” but now it’s called cohabitation. I want the law to discriminate against all alternative lifestyles, against gays and unions. I want to promote and to put in a privileged position that institution of marriage between a man and a woman, which has been shown over and over to be the gold standard.

I’m not sure any type of relationship is a “gold standard.” As I wrote earlier today, one study of adolescent development and social behavior found that the children of lesbian parents did the same, if not better, than children of heterosexual parents. So the science isn’t exactly settled on whether there’s any issue with homosexual parenting.

Check out the clip below, via CNN:

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