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Neil Cavuto To Herman Cain: If Innocent, Why Are You The Only Candidate Facing Sex Scandals?

There have been quite a few stories, allegations, and rumors swirling around the Herman Cain campaign recently and, to the credit, of Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, the candidate just had to discuss nearly every single one. Appearing on the show he announced the beginning of his campaign on, Cain discussed the latest affair allegation, how the situation was affecting his family, his many foreign policy gaffes, if he’ll stay in the race, and whether or not he even should.

First things first, Cain had to address the vague comment that he was “reassessing” his campaign following the allegation that he’d been engaged in a 13 year extra-marital affair. Cain told Cavuto that by that he meant he was “re-evaluating,” which he claimed any businessman would do in the situation. He said his wife and family had been hurt by all the stories (“It has had a very damaging effect on my wife emotionally.”) and he wanted to take a few days to decide what to do. Cavuto pressed him for a definite throughout the lengthy interview but, by the end, all he got was that Cain will have made a decision “by next week.”

Now, onto the new allegations themselves. Cain maintained his innocence, at one point asking how he could have an affair for that many years when one of those years he had a horrible cancer scare. He claimed that he was just a giving person, and that he helped many people over the years, one of which just happened to be female. However, Cavuto didn’t let him scoot by, pressing Cain on the phone records showing many late night calls and text messages to the woman. Again, Cain just said he’d helped a lot of people, again saying that he wasn’t able to know if any of those other people would come up now with more “trumped up charges.”

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Cavuto then asked why the woman, Ginger White, would come forward and say these things if they weren’t true. Cain said he didn’t know except that people were probably putting her up to it. This set a tone for the rest of the interview as Cain repeatedly referred to the “elites” and “establishment” that was orchestrating this “character establishment.” He claimed that this establishment was angry that he’d gotten too big too fast. It’s interesting to note, though, that Cain made in clear repeatedly that he believed these shadowy puppetmasters were evil Democrats and not Republicans who just “want a fair race.” Presumably, his campaign has learned the hard lesson from when they rushed to accuse Rick Perry. Despite the fact that Cavuto offered Cain an example of one Republican (Rep. Allen West) who has publicly suggested he leave the race, Cain made sure, whenever discussing these hated “elites,” to mention that they were liberals.

The tough questions continued as Cavuto asked Cain about the feelings amongst some that, even if the sex scandals are nothing, perhaps his many foreign policy mistakes are enough to take him out of serious consideration. Cain responded that he was a “work in progress” and that he “learns from [his] mistakes.”

While the interview was tough, the two men remained cordial and shared a laugh at the end as Cavuto made one more attempt to get Cain to open up about whether or not he’d remain in the race.

Watch the interview from Fox News below:

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