CBS’ Les Moonves Wishes Charlie Sheen “Worked This Hard To Promote Himself For An Emmy”

The guy whose television network has plenty invested in Charlie Sheen, CBS president and CEO Les Moonves, has made his first public comments about Sheen’s nonstop barrage of interviews–and frequent bashing of CBS. Noting that the troubled sitcom star, whose CBS show Two and a Half Men has been sidelined for the season, has been “on the air quite a bit these days,” Moonves takes a gentle jab, “I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy.”

The comments, reported by The Hollywood Reporter, were made at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco, where Moonves said so far, CBS hasn’t lost money on Sheen:

“Short-term, financially it is actually a gainer for us.” Moonves added: “Repeats obviously get somewhat less revenue than the originals. [But] it is a show that repeats very well. Doing eight [fewer] originals saves us quite a bit of money.”

THR notes that Monday night’s repeat of Two and a Half Men was the fourth highest rated show of the night. Whether new episodes will ever return to CBS, Moonves said he hoped so, but couldn’t say for sure.

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