CBS’ Bob Schieffer to GOP Rep. on ObamaCare: Senate Isn’t ‘Land of Wishful Thinking’


Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) encountered a very skeptical Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation Sunday morning, as he tried to argue that the Senate could in fact pass a continuing resolution to defund Obamacare.

“But this is not the land of wishful thinking,” Schieffer said. “This is the land of what’s real.”

“Three weeks ago, everybody in this country thought it was a fait accompli that we were going to bomb Syria,” Salmon responded. “But the voice of the American people was heard, and we didn’t bomb Syria. In fact, the president’s over negotiating now with Vladimir Putin…I find it ironic that the president would negotiate with Vladimir Putin, but won’t negotiate with the Republicans in the House of Representatives.”

“Putin can’t help us on this one,” Schieffer countered. “The point that we just heard being made—and it’s been made all week by a list of people as long as my arm, a lot of them Republicans and business leaders—is: fight a fight you have a chance of winning. You’re just wasting anybody’s time by going through one of these exercises to shut down the government. I’ve seen no poll that says it’s a good idea to shut down the government.”

“We don’t want to shut down the government!” Salmon said. “We want to shut down ObamaCare.”

“But you know what’s going to happen,” Scheiffer said. “You can write this script now. They’re gonna strip this thing—to not fund Obamacare—out of the bill in the Senate, they’re gonna wait until the last minute and send it back over to the House, and then you’re gonna have to vote on whether we just shut down the government.”

“I would hope that Senator Reid would take the voice of the American people seriously,” Salmon said. “If they can’t come up with a total defunding of ObamaCare, then come up with another proposal. But have a straight up vote on the floor, that’s all we’re asking.”

Watch the full segment below, via CBS News:

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