Cameras Capture Exact Moment Hillary Clinton Learns Of Gaddafi’s Capture: ‘Wow’

Back when Osama bin Laden was killed, a photo of the President Obama and the top national security officials awaiting details of the mission became one of the most famous pictures around (perhaps in lieu of, y’know, this one). One of the most famous parts of the dramatic picture was Hillary Clinton’s seemingly stunned expression with her hand to her mouth. However, the Secretary of State later argued that she was actually just stifling a cough. Well, now he have an unquestioned view of just what it looks like when Clinton hears of an enemy’s fall thanks to interview footage that captured the moment she received word of Muammar Gaddafi’s capture.

Clinton was in Kabul, Afghanistan giving preparing for an interview when she got a message on her phone. “Wow,” she says in the clip, remarking to an aide that there were unconfirmed reports of Gaddafi’s capture. Shortly after, news hit the world that Gaddafi had, in fact, been killed.

Watch the video below:

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