CBS’ Dickerson Presses Hillary: Did Obama Underestimate ISIS?

dickerson hillaryThe first question at tonight’s Democratic debate was John Dickerson pressing Hillary Clinton on whether President Obama underestimated the threat of ISIS, given the Paris attack last night. Dickerson asked if that will be the legacy of the Obama administration, which includes her as a former Secretary of State.

Clinton spoke about how ISIS must be defeated, not contained, but insisted that it can’t just be an American fight. She agreed with Obama that the U.S. will support those fighting ISIS because “American leadership is essential.”

Dickerson again pressed her on whether the president underestimated ISIS. Clinton started out her answer by recalling how the agreement to withdraw from Iraq was made under George W. Bush.

She said that there are plenty of reasons why Iraq crumbled, including how the prime minister “set about decimating it,” but didn’t think the U.S. has the “bulk of the responsibility.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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